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Lost data? Don’t panic…

In almost every case, we can get your files back. Even from a device you might think is a lost cause. (More on that below.)

Right now, you’re probably stressed out because you’ve not only lost data, but you have to figure out who to trust with recovering it.

We don’t suggest jumping to any decisions. Take some time to compare your options. We’ll try to make it as easy for you as we can, by speaking as plainly as possible (no techno-babble)…

Why customers choose us

How our recovery process works

  1. You send your device to us. You don’t need to download any forms—you can do everything on this site by clicking the green button below. Or, call 0800 77 77 22 and Darren will walk you through it personally. Once we have your details, you can drop into your nearest post shop to courier your device to us.
  2. We do a diagnosis. Once we know what’s wrong, we’ll email you a quote for recovery through our job-ticketing system. You can then decide whether to go ahead or not.
  3. We temporarily repair the device. Once you authorise the recovery, we get the device working for long enough to extract the data, and queue the drive for imaging.
  4. We create a disk “image”. Using the specialised equipment we’ve imported (because you can’t get it in NZ), we do a hardware-level read over the drive to build what’s called an image of every readable bit of data. This bypasses the operating system entirely and vastly increases our success rate—but it can take several days, or in rare cases even weeks.
  5. We extract the data. Once the data image is built, we circumnavigate or repair any filesystem damage using data extraction tools. This cleans the image up and pieces together whatever usable files are still present.
  6. We “clone” the data to a new drive. Basically we copy all the good, readable files onto an external hard drive for you, so you can copy them back to your computer. You can send us an external drive if you prefer, or we can provide one for a fair price.
  7. We send you an invoice. Only once your data is safe and sound on the external drive will we invoice you. If for some reason we can’t get your data back, there is no charge. We want you to be absolutely confident that you’re not going to end up paying for nothing.
  8. Delivery. Once we’ve received payment, we promptly courier the external hard drive back to you, with all your files safely stored on it. We also hold a copy of your data on our servers for two weeks, in case anything happens with the courier or the transfer back onto your computer.

Want us to look at your device?

Now you know how it all works. If you’d like to find out whether we can recover your data (we probably can) and how much it will cost (probably not too much), why not start the process by hitting the green button below? Or if you still have questions, or would rather talk to someone in person, give us a call on 0800 77 77 22 and Darren will help you out.

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