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Digital Recovery

NZ’s specialists in recovering lost data & repairing crashed hard drives since 2000


Lost data? Don’t panic…

In almost every case, we can get your files back. Even when you might think it’s a lost cause.

First things first, make sure the device that lost data is powered off. Then, hit the button below to request a recovery, or do a little reading first to understand your options. We’ll try to help you out by speaking as plainly as possible (no techno-babble).

Just want to talk to a real, live Kiwi who can help you right now? Ring Darren on 0800 77 77 22 and he will advise you.

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Any kind of data loss

Regardless of what happened to your data, we can usually recover at least some of it…

  • Accidental deletion
  • Drive crash
  • Old age
  • Dropped in the toilet
  • Stood on it
  • Went through a fire

Any kind of device

There hasn’t been a consumer storage device invented that we couldn’t get data off. If you bought it on planet earth, we’ve already seen it, and gotten data off it before—probably many times…

  • Computer hard drives
  • Laptop hard drives
  • Mobile devices
  • Camera micro-SD cards
  • Audio recorders
  • USB flash drives
  • Solid state drives (SSD)
  • RAID arrays
  • VCR tapes

Any brand

We work with all the brands, big and small, and have replacement parts for pretty much all of their models…

Trusted by industry professionals


Robert Stewart

Sales Manager/Director

Computer Aid IT Services

We use Digital Recovery exclusively for our high level data recovery requirements for a number of years. They are not the first data recovery specialist we have dealt with, but we have been more than happy enough with their quality of work and professionalism to stay with them. They have had a very high success rate and quite a reasonable turnaround time given the nature of the work they do. I would happily recommend Digital Recovery to others.

“The best value for money data recovery service we have used”

Graham Potts

Services Manager

Banx Systems Ltd (I.T. Support & Services Provider)

Banx Systems has used the services of Digital Recovery for the past four years and now operate as an Auckland (North Shore) based Agent dealing directly with Darren & James on behalf of their Auckland customers. We have always found Digital Recovery to be the best value for money data recovery service we have used, providing not only very reasonable and fair rates but also great friendly & efficient service.

“We tend to send quite difficult jobs to Digital Recovery and they have always risen to the challenge”

Sandy Marshall


TailorMade Computers

We have computer repair workshops in Orewa and Warkworth and have been using the data recovery service provided by Digital Recovery for more than 5 years. We tend to send quite difficult jobs to Digital Recovery and they have always risen to the challenge. An assessment is always provided first and if the recovery is then undertaken, we have found the success rate to be very high. They provide updates to us as a job progresses which we can then pass on to our customer. This is particularly appreciated as dealing with potentially lost data can be very upsetting. We have always found James and Darren very professional to deal with and appreciate the personal touch of Darren calling in to see us on a regular basis.

“We have had many different types of recovery requests and not once have DR failed to deliver”

Jarrod Teoh

Senior Technician


Digital Recovery are a professional, efficient and effective data recovery specialist. We have had many different types of recovery requests and not once have DR failed to deliver. If the data is recoverable you can trust James and Darren to recover it. From Micro SD cards to enterprise hard drives in RAID, DR have been able to assist our clients every time. If you need professional data recovery services, I highly recommend Digital Recovery.

Why our customers choose us

No recovery = no fee

If our inspection shows that recovering your data is impossible, we waive the inspection fee and charge you nothing.

If we think we can recover your data, but we fail, we waive the inspection and recovery fee, and charge you nothing.

If we successfully recover your data, we waive the inspection fee, so you only pay for the recovery. How much that is will vary, because every job is different. We always inspect and quote first, then wait for your go-ahead. See our pricing page for more information »

Unbeaten success rate

For typical jobs our success rate is around 90%. We obviously cannot guarantee anything, but it is very rare that we cannot recover anything in a common failure scenario.

For more unusual jobs, where a device is quite far gone, the success rate dips down to around 85%. To the best of our knowledge, this is higher than any other data recovery business.

Top-shelf recovery equipment

Some data recovery outfits will just plug your device into a PC and run a consumer-grade recovery app over it. You could do that yourself! (But please don’t…it can make our job harder if it fails.)

We use dedicated forensic-grade hardware-level recovery tools. These are not off-the-shelf items. To give you an example, one of them is approved by the US Department of Homeland Security. These tools communicate with your device directly, vastly improving our data recovery options. Read more »

Privacy guaranteed

We are legally bound to ensure the security of any sensitive information we recover. This is something we take very seriously, because if our customers stopped trusting us, our business would collapse. For complete clarity, check our terms & conditions »

Fast turnaround

We’ll diagnose your device within 24 hours of receiving it, and immediately send you a quote. The recovery process itself can be slow, because we can only get the data off as fast as it will let us. If it is damaged, and there’s a lot of data, that can take time—sometimes 2 or 3 weeks. We’ll always keep you informed of your recovery’s progress.

If your job is especially urgent, please let us know when you request the recovery, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

How our recovery process works

Request a recovery here on our website, and then pop into your nearest Post Shop to courier your bad device to us.

Want us to look at your device?

Now you know how it all works. If you’d like to find out whether we can recover your data (we probably can) and how much it will cost (probably not too much), why not start the process by hitting the button below?

If you still have questions, or you’d just rather talk to someone in person, give us a call on 0800 77 77 22 and Darren will help you out.

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