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Digital Recovery

NZ’s specialists in recovering lost data & repairing crashed hard drives since 2000



Because every failure is unique, we have to inspect your device to be able to quote an exact recovery fee. However, to give you a general idea, here are some rough guides for common recovery costs:

Recovery typeTypical cost
Basic recovered data transfer$159 + GST
USB flash drives & SD cards$159–$299 + GST
Phone recoveries (iPhone & Android)$399 + GST
Hard disk recoveries$480–$595 + GST
RAID recoveries$380 + GST per disk
Urgent or specialised recoveriesContact us for a quote

Unsuccessful recoveries

The charges above reflect typical costs for successful recoveries. We will never charge you if we cannot recover your data. Very occasionally, we need to charge for certain parts required, even if a recovery is unsuccessful. In such cases we will always inform you of this possibility in advance.

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Inspection fees

We do not charge an up-front inspection fee to diagnose your device. Here’s what you should know about whether, and when, you’ll be charged:

  • There is no inspection fee if you give us permission to recover your data (even in the unlikely event that the recovery is unsuccessful).
  • There is no inspection fee if we determine that recovery is impossible in the first place. (Should you require the device mailed back to you, we will just charge postage & handling to cover our costs.)
  • There is an inspection fee of $70 +GST if the device is recoverable, but you decide not to proceed with our quoted recovery.

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Compassionate discounts

We offer students and pensioners a 10% discount on quotes over $400 + GST. Just send us a copy of your current student ID or SuperGold card, and we’ll take care of you.